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7 Advantages of Outsourcing Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving at a faster pace than many small businesses are prepared for. Hackers continue to create smarter ways to infiltrate a company’s network and steal protected information. With increasing varieties of attacks surfacing, companies need to be confident that they can keep pace as the scale of threats mount. Businesses that choose to outsource to cybersecurity experts have clear advantages that should not be overlooked. We’ve broken down seven key advantages:

Save Costs on In-House Employees

Do you have the resources to employ round-the-clock employees to manage your security issues? Most SMBs don’t. There’s a reason that 77% of SMBs plan to outsource cybersecurity in the next year – in-house cybersecurity teams aren’t cheap. Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs enables you to invest in help when you need it.

Gain Access to a Whole Team of Experts

Not only a cost-effective solution, outsourced cybersecurity teams are also experts at what they do. With advanced knowledge of security requirements under their belts, they’re familiar with the cybersecurity landscape and understand which solutions suit your particular needs.

Manage Cybersecurity for Remote Employees

In light of the recent pandemic, many companies have employees working remotely. This new era of remote working adds a layer of complexity to already sophisticated security needs and creating and maintaining Bring Your Own Device policies is essential. Outsourced firms can do just this, as well as focus on the needs of your remote workforce, offering guidance and support throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Maintain Security Policies

Your IT policies should evolve along with the complexities and sophistication of cyberattacks.  Outsourced experts can assess situations as they arise, and can continuously update and implement new policies to address to keep your business protected.

Improve Threat Detection and Incident Response Times

If your IT team don’t work 24/7 on cybersecurity issues, then the risk of a significant breach is increased. In the event of a cyberattack, a fast response is critical to prevent any further damage. Outsourced cybersecurity teams can continually monitor your systems. This extra layer of security unburdens your IT staff and gives management peace of mind, knowing your data is safe.

Peace of Mind that the Latest Cybersecurity Technology is Implemented

Perhaps one of the best reasons to outsource your cybersecurity efforts, Cybersecurity experts keep up with the latest technology and tools available. You’ll benefit from their ability to continually evolve with technology, which can be used to detect malicious activity and identify vulnerabilities with greater accuracy.

More Time Focussed on Running Your Business

Don’t let security services be the bottleneck that holds your company back.  Having a professional cybersecurity team allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business. With an outsourced IT team, you can collectively focus all of your energy, effort, and time on pushing your business to achieve your goals.

Cyberattacks can be devastating, impacting continuity and ultimately, profitability. Only when you have an experienced team at the helm that provides proactive and constant network security monitoring, intrusion detection, and advanced threat management can you be confident that your business is protected. Keen to find out how Cybrid’s Outsourced IT Services can help you? Get in touch! 

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