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We’re dedicated to empowering the next generation through our apprenticeship and work experience initiatives. Recognising the importance of practical skills and real-world exposure, we offer young people the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience in a dynamic and supportive environment. Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional expertise, fostering the development of essential skills, confidence, and career readiness. By investing in the potential of young talent, we contribute to their personal growth and ensure a thriving workforce that is well-prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Apprenticeships aren’t just about getting a job; it’s all about making sure you get the skills and training that you’ll need to succeed in the world of work. We have many valued staff who have come through the apprenticeship route we offer. We train our apprentices in the relevant technical skills and help them build a solid understanding of the industry.

My colleagues are friendly, supportive and always willing to assist me. It introduced me to a professional work environment whilst still allowing me to learn at my own pace. It has also helped to build my confidence as I’m talking to customers and clients daily.
Apprentice IT Engineer, CYBRID
For College and Secondary Students

Work Experience

Understanding the importance of early career exploration, our work experience programs provide young students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional setting and gain firsthand insight into the industry. Work experience students can expect to see a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of technology and perhaps even ignite a passion for IT along the way! 

Our most recent work experience student, Matas, joined us for a two-week work experience placement. During his time with us, he played a crucial role in rebuilding old devices and contributed significantly to a project involving the installation of a new network cabinet at a customer site.

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