CYBRID in the Community

Giving back to communities, both home and away...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the local community and charity are all topics that are close to all of us at CYBRID. We are a values-driven company and are committed to supporting our local community, and will always put people before profit.


Each year we give back by supporting our chosen charities. Our relationship with Canine Partners and African Adventures is what we’re most proud of. CYBRID is actively involved in fundraising, organising events, promoting awareness and providing support in any way that we can.

Petersfield Town Juniors

We believe that sport is a very important part of growing up. Youth football plays a very important role in this and gives young people skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. We’re delighted to be the official sponsors of Petersfield Town Juniors – our CEO Phil’s childhood club!

Our Steps Toward a More Sustainable Future

What can we do as individuals on a day-to-day basis to alleviate the issues affecting our environment? It’s this question that led our company to start its journey to a more sustainable future. 2020/21 will see us making a concerted effort to become more environmentally friendly, and we are learning about ways in which CYBRID can help reduce its carbon footprint. We’re undertaking a range of small steps towards being a greener organisation, including: switching to reuseable coffee cups and water bottles, switching to uniforms made from recycled water bottles, and buying local.

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