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Cyber security that defends your business from advanced attacks.

Organisations today face an unpredictable and rapidly evolving threat landscape. Traditional networks have grown more complex and interconnected than ever before. The modern digital business includes a host of new technologies from cloud services to the Internet of Things that tend to be vulnerable in unique and familiar ways. This rapid transformation and expansion of digital networks is ushering in a new era of advanced cyber threat.  

The implications of a data breach or network virus can be devastating. The downtime you experience affects operational continuity and profitability. You need proactive and constant network security monitoring, intrusion detection and advanced threat management to confidently protect your business.

We help businesses take control of their cybersecurity systems, software and monitoring to build a sustainable and profitable future. Cybersecurity isn’t an optional add-on— it’s at the core of everything we do. We dive deep to ensure you operate at best practice levels and thoroughly protect your business from losing time, energy, money and productivity.

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From insiders gone rogue and hacked connected devices, through to slow and stealthy cyber campaigns that go undetected for months, it has become increasingly clear that some legacy approaches to cybersecurity are ill-equipped to defend against the threats we face.

The Darktrace product suite can discern patterns in the communications between different users and devices, detect novel threats as they unfold, and autonomously fight back.

Powered by machine learning and AI, Darktrace identifies threats that legacy tools can miss. It learns what is normal for your organisation and constantly adapts its understanding as your environments change over time and as threats mutate.

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Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed scheme that aims to reduce cyber vulnerability. When implemented correctly with the help of a technology partner, the security controls outlined should prevent 80% of cyber-attacks. Not only does it protect your business from cybercrime, but it also demonstrates to your customers and supply chain that you have considered security controls and are working in a safe and secure environment. If your company is looking to secure public sector contracts, it is absolutely essential that you have the Cyber Essentials certification.

“By partnering with CYBRID, we now have the peace of mind that our systems are secure. Their assistance and guidance has, and always will be, invaluable to our business.”
Peter Watson
Managing Director | Streamline Electrical
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