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Transform your services and efficiency through smart, IoT technology.

We provide more than IoT hardware and software solutions – we have the expertise to guide you through your entire IoT journey. CYBRID can help you develop and deploy cloud-based IoT solutions that find new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers and reveal greater insights for your business.

More than just CCTV

Intelligent Surveillance

CCTV technology is no longer just about simple video footage monitoring. Today’s intelligent IP surveillance solutions are capable of identifying abnormal events or behaviour. Surveillance technology can now be used to observe consumer behaviour, to help organisations increase their revenue and profitability, and to monitor retail environments to reduce loss of inventory. Some of these features include thermography, AI and Machine Learning and smart integration. 

They can also monitor and control industrial processes, bringing a greater degree of intelligent technology to business operations. Visually detecting anything from equipment or personnel in unauthorised areas or using thermal imaging to detect equipment overheating to gas and fluid leaks. Facial recognition, biometric security and automatic number plate recognition are all easily added. Our solutions can alert operators or be programmed to shut down equipment or sound alarms.  

Our intelligent cameras contain built-in analytics engines giving them the ability to interpret what they see and make decisions about how to respond. 

Featured Product

TBS Iris Scanner

Traditional controlled access systems rely on knowledge and possession, yet a card or PIN code is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Systems based on biometric data, by contrast, are completely personal to each user, which provides significantly better security.

The days of rummaging for a key or badge are over. Now, all it takes to open a door is a single glance. What, just a few years ago, sounded like science fiction, is now a fully-developed and affordable system, that controls access with iris recognition.

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