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Outsourced It Support | What It Is and Why You Need It

Managing a business in today’s digital-first world means having to navigate a diverse array of tools and technologies. In the wake of COVID-19, one lesson has become clear: every company is now required to be a tech company. Whether it’s been the shift to online working, a spike in online demand, or an increase in cyber attacks, technology has emerged as a critical business capability. Managing these technologies in-house, however, can be a real challenge, if not outright impossible.

Businesses operate better when technology is in order, and a shortfall in technical expertise can mean that capabilities are thinly spread. If you find yourself struggling to efficiently manage IT while simultaneously growing your business, then it may be time to outsource.


IT Support & Outsourcing Explained

IT Outsourcing drives business value by helping organisations focus on core competencies. It can revolutionise an organisation’s ability to refocus valuable internal resources on business challenges because it means handing over the complexities and demands of IT to certified experts with flexible and cutting-edge technologies. 

Contrary to popular belief, an outsourced IT support provider does not only provide reactive services. While they will certainly step in and lend a helping hand when you encounter an issue, typical services also include:


-Network Management

-Disaster Recovery


-Data Storage 

5 Reasons Why You Need Outsourced IT Support


Access to a team of specialists without the high costs

As organisations continue to grow, building multi-tiered internal teams can become costly. Partnering with an IT support provider can prove to be far more cost-effective.

Depending on the size of your organisation, you can negotiate a monthly or annual pricing model that works for you and have the flexibility to scale it up and down as required.


Access to leading talent

It can be tough to find the right people for your team and not take into consideration the time it can require to hire someone. This can be a hindrance when you have an infrastructure that needs support 24/7.

The bonus of working with an outsourced provider is that they have access to top industry talent. As an added bonus, you do not need to be on a constant hiring spree to gain access to this.


Power up your internal teams

Even if you choose to outsource some services, you might wish to maintain a small internal team for your organisation. If so, your outsourced provider can be an excellent complement to this and, as a result,  supply additional skills and expertise.


Get access to the latest technology

The tech world moves so fast that last week’s best thing could be this week’s worst. It can be challenging to keep up with an ever-changing landscape, but utilising an outsourced provider can prove to be a huge advantage in this field. Understanding and using the best business technology is what an outsource provider does. So, by partnering with an MSP, you will enjoy access to all this tech and know-how.


It lets you focus on the important stuff

Being crippled with never-ending  IT issues and having to deal with outdated software is no way to run a thriving organisation. If you and your teams are constantly dealing with these issues, how are you supposed to focus on the important stuff, like growing your business?

Any downtime comes with a considerable cost in not only time but, you guessed it,  money.

An outsourced provider can take the stress out of all of this by managing your technology estate, mitigating any risks and allowing you to focus solely on your organisation.

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