Our Service KPIs

Each quarter we publish the 5 KPIs which detail our performance.
Service Desk Tickets Opened

This is the total number of support requests that our Service Desk received. Support requests cover a range of reported issues such as incidents, service requests, system changes and fixing problems. The total number of tickets opened each month depends on the level of demand – we have a well-staffed Service Desk that can scale quickly as workload fluctuates.

Service Desk Tickets Resolved

This is the total number of support requests that our Service Desk resolved.

Same Day Resolution

This is the percentage of support requests that were resolved within 24 hours of being raised. Once more, the higher this number, the better! We always try our best to resolve issues as soon as we can. This KPI demonstrates that delays are kept to a minimum and that we employ experienced and capable technicians who are in control of your issue.

SLA’s Met

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are our promise to deal with your IT issues and requests within a given time frame. Our SLA KPI is calculated on how we score (on average) when it comes to achieving these targets – how long we take to get back to you, start fixing the issue and resolving it.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re first and foremost a service company and our main objective is to make sure our clients are happy. Measuring satisfaction levels and acting on feedback is key to our success and helps us continually improve service delivery. We read all comments, both positive and negative and any bad or neutral ratings we receive are investigated by our team.

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